Gene Parker, City Attorney         Christine Brigner, Legal Secretary                 Brenda Baska, Victims Advocate

Mission: The Legal Department's mission is to provide legal services to City Council, staff members, commissions, agencies, and citizens, when appropriate, promptly and efficiently.


The Legal Department provides services to all departments and personnel of the City, various agencies and commissions of the City, City Council members, and the general public.  These service include performing legal research and providing opinions, drafting resolutions and ordinances, prosecuting defendants in Municipal and Circuit Court, and representing the City in a variety of civil litigation, including administrative hearing and land use proceeding.  These services also include attending meetings of the City Council and Planning Commission, and other City Commissions when necessary, drafting a variety of legal documents, reviewing current legislation and court decisions, and investigating citizens concerns and complaints.

Our Victims Advocate, Brenda Baska can be reached at 541-296-5481 Ext 4408.
For information regarding crime victims assistance, please contact the State Crime Victims Assitance Program

For more information contact the Legal Department