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Community Development/Planning Documents

Community Development/Planning Documents


Planning Applications

City of The Dalles Code (including Land Use and Development Ordinance)

Bicycle Master Plan

Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Preferred Parking Plan 6/2005

Transportation System Plan 2017  Volume 2 Appendices  ADA Transition Plan Adendum

Chenowith IAMP 2010

Wasco County Demographics

Economic Barriers Report 2011

Housing and Residential Land Needs Asessment, March 2017

Housing Strategies Report, April 2017

Buildable Lands Inventory (BLI) Memorandum, December 2016


Growth Management Report    
Public Facilities Plan with Maps and Appendices 052513        
Rural Residential BLI     
Exhibit B    

Cultural Resources Management Plan     COMING SOON
Historic Landmarks

Historic Design Guidelines   
Ordinance 94-1194 Regarding Historic Landmarks    
Historic Landmarks Resolution 49-98   
Rock Fort Management Plan 2011
Pioneer Cemetery Maintenance and Preservation Plan       Pioneer Cemetery Map

Vision Action Plan 

2011 Vision Action Plan Document
Urban Renewal Amendment Plan

Urban Renewal Plan Amended 05/12/14     
Urban Renewal Plan Amended 05/10/10 
Urban Renewal Plan amended 4/12/10
The Dalles Report 051909
Downtown Amendment Plan Rev 4/14/09

Map 2, Study Area - Zoning
Map 6, Proposed Urban Growth Boundary & Urban Reserve Area   
Map 7, NSA & Proposed Urban Growth Boundary Expansion Area    
Utility Service Expansion Findings
Population Memo
Buildable Lands Inventory Memo
Demographic Trends Analysis
The Dalles Engergy Analysis                    
Staff Report; Periodic Review        
Economic Opportunity Analysis 05/11    
Residential Land Needs Report 04/07    
Natural Resources Inventory Report 06/11   
Scenic Resources Evaluation Report 06/11     
Comprehensive Land Use Plan 05/11     
Urban Reserve Area Justification Report 09/07     
Specific Site Suitability Criteria - Schools & Parks   
Powerpoint Presentation – Periodic Review Work Session, April 26, 2012







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